Southsea Skatepark Rollerblading jam 1st October


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King of Southsea Am/Pro Flatland


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King Of Southsea 2011 – Am/Pro Flatland from AGParkin on Vimeo.

King of Southsea results!


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Prince of Southsea winner, Dan Wiltshire during the DonaldsBMX Highest bunnyhop challenge! Photo by Tanya Durrant.

For results, please check

King of Southsea fast approaching!


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King of Southsea schedule
*If events finish early, we will crack on with the next scheduled as soon as possible.

*Schedule is weather dependent.


11am- AM Spine Mini
12pm- AM Vert
1pm- Pro Vert
2-4pm- Flatland Novice/AM/Pro
4.30-5.15pm- Best trick over Box in rink
5.30-6pm- Long Jump
6-Park Closes.


11-1- AM Street
1.30-2 – Pro Spine mini
2.30-4- Pro Street
4.30-5- Highest Bunnyhop
5.15-6- Highest air in Keyhole
Park Closes.

King of Southsea is supported by, Southsea Skatepark Company, Portsmouth City Council, 4-down distribution, Fit Bike Co, A-Bike co, United, S&M, Deluxe BMX, Case BMX Mag, Deep BMX, Function Flatland Store, Purpl Brand, IMG Distribution, Flatware, FfwdBMX, DonaldsBMX store, Emer clothing, The LAB, We are Level, Seventies Distribution, Primo, Federal, Scoop Distribution, DK Bicycles, Zeal BMX, Mankind, Standard Bykes, Alone, Superstar, Metal Bikes, Total BMX, SourceBMX, Profile Racing,

The August Roller Disco!


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Young Kids Summer League starts this Friday!


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Young Kids Summer League! starts this Friday 12-3! At Southsea Skatepark. Every Friday throughout the summer holidays we will be running BMX, Rollerblade, Skateboard, and Scooter Contests!
Pick up points each Friday, at the end of the Summer holidays we will be giving out a ton of prizes from local businesses supporting The Young Kids Summer League (Under 16s).
A league table will up in the skatepark reception.
Sponsors so far: Bored of Southsea, Head hairdressers, Donalds BMX, Cropley Scooters
Hope to see you there!!!

Sam Kew Rollerblading clip


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Keep an eye for a rollerblading event toward end of September organised by Sam Kew, heres a clip from last nights session at the park.

Volunteer Group repairing Vert ramp


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You may recall, The Southsea Skatepark Volunteer Group almost putting their backs out to get the vert open for the “re=opening weekend, well this week the funding came through for enough to repair the North platform to the vert which was rotten….
The Volunteer group have been hard at work this week, redecking the North side of the halfpipe, we hope to open the halfpipe back up next week. Check announcements on the official Southsea Skatepark facebook.
Thanks to Adam (pictured) and Simon for their hard work….

Donalds BMX Store Website now Live!


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Farren Downes Welcome To Fit from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Not all the Donalds website is finished yet, but if your into BMX and need advice, or repairs, on what Bikes to get, whats quality, what your wasting your money on, Farren is your man! Check out his Welcome to Fit edit above!

Birthday parties at Southsea Skatepark!


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Birthday parties are proving to be quite popular at the Skatepark, drop us a email – to enquire about bookings!