Southsea Skatepark Issue 2 available now!


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The new issue of the Southsea Skatepark newsletter is now available at the park, and will be circulating all around Portsmouth during the following week. Thanks to ALLCAPS for the design work for this issue!

February 2013 Halfterm!


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February Halfterm begins Monday 18th. Opening times for the week below:

Monday/Tuesday – 12-6.
Wednesday – 12-8.
Thursday – 12-6.
Friday- 12-8.

Weekends as normal – 10-6.

January: Photo of the Month!


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Photo credit: Daniel Benson.

On a rare dry sunny January day, Farren Downes shot this sick flip fakie with The Albion. We will be running “photo of the month” every month from now on for a bit of fun, winner wins a free session ticket and the glory! Send your entries in on our facebook!

News: Donalds Store Sale On Complete Bikes!


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Farren at the Donalds Store here at Southsea Skatepark has a sale on complete bikes. Either pop down the shop or check the website for whats on offer.

Christmas Holiday opening times!


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Merry Christmas from us all here at Southsea Skatepark!

For all those wondering, below are the opening times (weather permitting). If in any doubt call the park on those days we are open for updates, or check our facebook which is regularly updated.

*During holidays open on tuesdays!

Christmas Eve – Open 12-6.
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
December 27th – Open 12-6
December 28th – Open 12-6
December 29th/30th – Weekend times as normal, 10-12, 12-6.
December 31st – Open 12-6.
New Years day – Closed
January 2-4th – Open 12-6
January 5-6th – Weekend times as normal, 10-12, 12-6.

From January 7th back to 4-6 during week.

And the raffle winner for the BMX Piranha Complete Bike is….


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Thank you to everyone who entered the £1 raffle draw for the BMX Piranha Complete Bike! The winner is Susan Aistrope ticket number 459! Congratulations Susan!

Official Loco Skates Beach jam edit


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U16 Street:
1- Thiago Silva
2- Jordan Osbourne
3- Dan Redstone

Amateur Street:
1- Jack Swindles
2- Perran Marks Thomas
3- Harry Abel

Pro Street:
1- Nick Lomax
2- Joe Atkinson
3- Jack Swindels

Back to School Opening times!


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*Please take note!

As of Monday 3rd September we are back to school opening times.

Mon- Fri – 4-6, 6-8!

Closed on Tuesdays!

King of Southsea 2012 Results!


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Mark Webb crowns Declan Brooks, the 2012 King of Southsea! Congrats Declan!


AM Spine.
Jake Miles
Troy Hayward
Sam Venton
Riley Redman

AM Vert
Jake Mles
Shane Dixon
Troy Hayward
Riley Redman

Pro Vert
Declan Brooks
Ronnie Surridge
Josh Crosswell
Dennis Wingham
Jon Root

Novice Flat.
Declan Brooks
Tom Brace
Matt Spencer
Ronnie Surridge
Shane Dixon
Richie Spencer
Jake Miles
Morgan Glave
Troy Heywood
Sam Venton

Expert Flat.
Prasheel Gopal
Jean Michel Chauvel
Thomas Legrand
Yinka Thomas
Mark Cunners
Edwin Wing

Pro Flat.
Sam Foakes
Romain Georges
Alberto Moya
Tie- Steve Green
Prasheel Gopal
Navid Saleki
Norbert Onodi
Lee Wilson
Amos Burke

Best trick over Box
Josh Crosswell – Quad bar

Best trick Plaza
Declan Brooks – Double bar 450 over the hip


AM Street
Callum Emery
Issac Aldridge
Troy Hayward
Jake Miles
Harvey Herringshaw
Ben Malkin
Alex Smith
Alex Conrad
Mitch Rock
DJ Issacs
Sam Venton
Owen Watson
James Rivins
Riley Redman
Patrick Page
Lewis White
Harry Hamilton
Adam Eelpi
Maxwell Willett

Pro Street
Declan Brooks
Josh Crosswell
Issac Clarke
Jon Root
(tie)Ronnie Surridge
(tie)Matt Sheppard
Freddy Woolner
Carlos Gomez
Dan Wiltshire

Veteran Street
Dave Clarke (Issacs Dad!)
James Weetch
Matt Savvoy

Pro Spine
Declan Brooks
Josh Crosswell
Jon Root
Callum Emery
Issac Clarke
Ronnie Surridge
Freddy Woolner
Matt Sheppard
Darryl Twells

Highest Bunnyhop
Tom Richards – 100cm

Best trick Bowls
Josh Crosswell – Triple bar air in Keyhole

Long Jump
Steve O

Prince of Southsea
Jake Miles

King of Southsea
Declan Brooks

Thank you to everyone who supported King of Southsea 2012, amazing level of riding. All the volunteers from Community Fusion, all the sponsors, check the flyer, so many sponsors this year! Over and out for now..

King of Southsea August 25-26th!


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This weekend, the King of Southsea returns for the third year!

King of Southsea Schedule.


Doors Open at 10am.

11am – AM Spine Mini
12pm – AM Vert
1pm – Pro Vert
2-4pm – Flatland Novice/AM/Pro
430-530- Best trick over Box in rink.
6- 7 – Pro Spine MIni
7-8 – Best trick Plaza (One group)


Doors open 10am.
11-12.30- AM Street
1.30-3 – Pro Street
3.30-4 – Veteran Street
4.30-5 – Highest Bunnyhop
5.30-6.30 – Highest air in Keyhole/ Best trick in bowls
6.45-7.15- Long Jump
Prize Giving