Young Kids Summer League starts this Friday!


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Young Kids Summer League! starts this Friday 12-3! At Southsea Skatepark. Every Friday throughout the summer holidays we will be running BMX, Rollerblade, Skateboard, and Scooter Contests!
Pick up points each Friday, at the end of the Summer holidays we will be giving out a ton of prizes from local businesses supporting The Young Kids Summer League (Under 16s).
A league table will up in the skatepark reception.
Sponsors so far: Bored of Southsea, Head hairdressers, Donalds BMX, Cropley Scooters
Hope to see you there!!!

Birthday parties at Southsea Skatepark!


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Birthday parties are proving to be quite popular at the Skatepark, drop us a email – to enquire about bookings!

Radio 1’s Dave Spoon at next Roller Disco!


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Southsea Skatepark on cover of Seafront Magazine!


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Great coverage for the Skatepark! A busy summer lies ahead, keep your eyes out for a young kids league in Skateboarding, BMX, Inline, and Scooters, as well as Inline, Skateboard and Scooter events. And of course the infamous King of Southsea returns on August bank Holiday!

Roller Disco Friday 24th June


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Roller Disco vibes


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Couple of shots from last weeks Roller disco, the next roller disco will Friday 24th June.Big thanks to the DJ’s, supporting Southsea Skatepark, spinning some wicked tunes all night for free, and everyone who came and supported. Where were the rest of you?

Southsea Skatepark Roller Disco!


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Roller Disco!


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Flyer to come soon! We are having a roller disco at Southsea Skatepark on Friday 27 th may, 7 till 10pm £5 entry £2.50 to hire skates.

Opening Weekend – John Thurston


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John Thurston is an absolute legend at Southsea Skatepark and ran the park through the golden skate era back in the 80s so it was only fitting that he came down at the re-opening weekend event and officially reopened the park for all.

Opening Weekend – First of the Photos!


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The opening weekend event was an incredible success with a huge turnout for all the comps and with big crowds of spectators. We’ll have more info on who won what and how everything went soon, for now here is the first batch of photos (thanks to Matt Maber & Laura Clayton @ Laura jane photography)!).