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Text: Effraim.
Photos: Harry Hutchinson (unless credited)

Mark Webb, massive downside on the 7. Photo: Jenny Bousquet.

As always we are in the lap of the gods with the English weather, and thankfully we had a sunny day for the annual Southsea Summer BMX jam for the first time in years.

Grassroots events are really important for the growth of any sport, and especially BMX where there hasn’t been a whole lot going for kids. We have started a Young Kids Summer League project this year to give kids under 15 years of age to get experience what it like to compete in the competition environment, and this continued at the jam with bringing back Under 13’s park, something I used to have as a kid.

The contest began at 11am in bright blue skies, you can’t beat Southsea when the weather is so good! We kicked with Under 13’s, and 4 riders competed and all collected prizes thanks to some great products from our sponsors. Last week I coached a kid on his first lesson in how to ride a BMX, and it was worth it alone to see George HP enter his first contest after only a week of riding, the unintentional nose manual ride in on the hip had us all off our seats. Young gun Broc is a Southsea regular and rode around the course like never before to take the third place spot. Winner of the Young Kids Summer League, Reef Way pulled off nice smooth 360s, feeble grinds on the ledge, and a sweet 360 to fake air on the 4ft to take the second place spot. The winner of the Under 13’s, Laurie Herbert was a cut above in level and boosted a massive toboggan over the fun box, bars over the hip and smooth tail whips pedal to pedal . Laurie won a lovely set of rims donated by Blank BMX.

George Batty, darkside on the 7ft.

Next up, AM Park, it seems the young guns aren’t accustomed to starting early and we gave an extra hour practise time for the AM class to get warmed up and riders to arrive, healthy turnout in the end. We took the top 5 into a final, with a Total Hangover frame as a prize for the winner. Qualifying first and remaining first went to Oakley Way, a Southsea local who used the course more than anyone else, starting his run with a flair onto the deck half cab in, 360 whip over the box, flairs and 450’s over the hip, Icepick on the 9, and 5 air amongst other stuff. Second place went to arguably the rider of the day, Valiant rider Harvey Shorey has a massive future if he keeps throttled like he is right now, bar foot jam to bar in, whip to foot jam to bar, a little more use of the whole of the course and he would have taken the top spot for sure. Third place went to George Perris who ride the course in a more street/park hybrid kind of fashion, long ice on the ledge, no hander 6 to 9ft, toboggan over the box, and one of the tricks of the day, up rail to toboggan on the A frame driveway rail, such a ripper and stoked for his third place finish. Style cat George Batty has had a bit of bad luck the last year or so, great to see him back on it, massive superman seat grabs, flairs and a good attempt at a flip fake took the 4th spot. Dancefloor king, Khaya Mantle 3’ed the box and tricked the plaza area really well to score 5th place.

AM Park Podium. Oakley Way winning a Total BMX Hangover frame for first place!

Next up AM Spine, and Harvey Shorey dominated this event taking his tech skills to the spine and sub, bra foot jams on the sub, foot jam whips, and a whole lot more all down steezie as you like. What a weekend for him! George Batty had the trick of the class with a big no handed flair that i’ve never seen him do for second and Oakley Way took the third place spot.

By now the blue skies had disappeared and it was looking a lil’ cloudy, so we kept things moving as quickly as possible. Pro Park was next up, Total rider and Southsea legend Mark Webb put on a masterclass how to ride the skatepark, linking the mogul bowl into the plaza into the rink area as only he can do, massive 3 whip step up to box landing backwards, huge down whip air on the 7ft, massive opposite air gap 6ft to 4ft hip, flip fakes, and a flat spin 9 to finish. What a treat! Mark’s prodigy, Troy Hayward tricks the course like a veteran and he is 14 years old! Truck to x down on the box, huge tail whip gap 7ft to 5ft, bar transfer in and out to step up, 540 air transfer, 450 hip, and much more. Second place for T-roy!
Third place spot went to the pang dropper himself, Ronnie Surridge who is always a pleasure to watch ride, cruising the course with more speed and precision than anyone, massive no foot can on the step up, huge flip on the box, nice 270 bar onto the hip extension deck back into plaza area, big 270 into vert, always a treat! Total BMX took the top 3 spots, hard to argue with their level of riding on this day!
Shouts to Harry Boucher, Josh King, Alistair Loughran, James Ross, Callum Emery, and Archie Cole who all killed it!

Pro Spine was next up, and like Park. The top 2 were Mark Webb and Troy Hayward, no one can touch Mark on the Southsea spine, and Mark put on an awesome show of skills with a puncture no less! Troy pit a great show with back to back moves , tailwhip to manual, double truck spine and so on. Prevail local, Alistair Loughran took the third place with sweet no handed 3’s over the spine.

Harvey Shorey, winner highest bunny hop at 48 inches.

There were a few drops of rain as we were wrapping up the spine. We headed back to the rink for my favourite event, the highest bunny hop. Its simple, its tough, its self explanatory. the bar goes down your out, it’s accessible anyone can enter and around 40 riders went in for this one! Great vibe in the rink, with all ages giving this one a go, in the end we got up to 48 inches, and we ran out of bar as Harvey Shorey and Tom Sinagoga battled it out! In the end, Harvey Shorey took the win and ended a great day at the skatepark, so much fun!

Thank you to Stephan Ryan, Ryan Robinson, Toby Isbister, Ronnie Remo, Ronnie Surridge, Tim Way, Sean Hayward, Isaac Venn and everyone who helped out in some way. And of course, massive thanks to all the sponsors who gave so many awesome prizes: Total BMX, Proper Bike Co, Odyssey, Blank, Federal, Subrosa, Shadow, Volume, Demolition, The Lab, Urban Edge Tattoo, Valiant, Southsea 78, * thanks also to Reef Way who donated a prize!

Let’s get planning for next year, do this bigger! Thanks again everyone for their support!


Under 13’s Park

1- Laurie Herbert
2-Reef Way
4-George HP

AM Park

1- Oakley Way
2-Harvey Shorey
3-George Perris
4-George Batty
5-Khaya Mantle
6- Chris Bates (didn’t ride finals)
7-Tom Sinagoga
8-Tom Landsflat
9-Jack Gladman
10-Joe Armour
11-Callum Heathcote
12-Dan Bush
13-Jacob Kimber
14-Clarke Morris
15-Lewis Major

AM Spine

1- Harvey Shorey
2-George Batty
3-Oakley Way
4-Tom Sinagoga
5-Khaya Mantle
6-Laurie Herbert
7-Callum Heathcote
8-Jacob Kimber
9-Reef Way
10-Clarke Morris

AM Best Trick:
Harvey Shorey: Whip to footjam to bar mid run.

Pro Park

1-Mark Webb
2-Troy Hayward
3-Ronnie Surridge
4-Harry Boucher
5-Josh King
6-James Ross
7-Alistair Lochran
8-Callum Emery
9-Archie Cole

Pro Spine

1-Mark Webb
2-Troy Hayward
3-Alistair Lochran
4-Harry Boucher

Highest Bunnyhop:
Harvey Shorey 48 Inches

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