Southsea Skatepark Summer Holiday Opening Times!


Posted on : 20-Jul-2015 | By : Effraim | In : Changes, Publicity

Summer holiday opening hours begin on Thursday 23rd July until 1st September! Please take note as there are a few changes from previous years opening times.

Monday: 12-3,3-6, 6-8.
Tuesday: 12-3,3-6
Wednesday: 12-3,3-6, 6-8.
Thursday: 12-3,3-6.
Friday: 12-3,3-6, 6-8.

Mini Wheelers session 3-7 years old, 9-10am.
10-12 (coaching available. Bmx/Scooter.)
12-3, 3-6.

10-12 (coaching available. Skateboard, Rollerblade/Quad Skates.)
12-3, 3-6.

Coaching booking:
Please book in advance: Tel No: 02392295360.

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Hi, is coaching only available on a Sunday in the school holidays?
Also what does the coaching entail? My son is 6 and a complete beginner.
Thank you

Hi Helen,

On sunday coaching for skateboarding and rollerblade. Bmx and scooter on a saturday. Coaching involves, coach instructing students how to learn the basics of whichever sport they choose, and gets more advanced as their skills grow.

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