Coaching at Southsea Skatepark!


Posted on : 24-May-2014 | By : Effraim | In : Publicity

We offer coaching lessons at Southsea Skatepark, have your kids learn how to use the skatepark safely! We use a Level 1-3 coaching structure, certificates are issued when each level is completed! Today (Saturday 24th May) the first kids passed Level 1! Congratulations!

+ Coaching Lessons currently run every Saturday and Sunday between 10-12. One hour coaching lessons, one hour free ride/skate. £10. Lessons must be booked in advance!

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Hi , we will be in portsmouth from 22 to 25 of august for victorious festival. Is there any coaching sessiond for kids on sny of these days ? If so how can book ?

Hi lester,

Not during the victorious festival weekend, the park is open for people who have tickets, not open for normal use though. We have riders and skaters performing shows that weekend. On the friday it would be possible.

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