Fundraising for Southsea Skatepark


Posted on : 27-Feb-2014 | By : Effraim | In : Publicity

We need to raise money to keep improving the park and are looking for ideas – and helpers – for fundraising.

Park supporters are invited to a meeting, to share ideas and plan fundraising activities, on Sunday 16th March at 3 o’clock, in the park

If you can’t make the meeting, please send in your suggestions and offers of help

Many thanks!

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Test Town Fundraiser Idea – Southsea Skate Park

Please take a moment to read the following proposal to raise money for Southsea Skate Park and also allow business students to learn “on the job”

Last year I was part of a team that travelled to Dunfirmiline as part of the national finals of the Test Town competition. The idea of this competition is to rejuvenate the high streets around the UK. If you have a sustainable business idea that can be transferred to any high street you then need to put together a video pitch to bid for funding. Last year we were successful and awarded £1000 to put our idea into practice and given a retail space for a week in Dunfirmiline town centre.

This year the competition is much bigger with retail spaces available in 6 UK cities. What I am currently doing is working with business students to put together a pitch.

Having worked for Portsmouth City Council before using the mobile skate park/ramps/trailer to teach skateboarding/rollerblading in schools gave me an idea. What I would like to do is use the ramps (there is also another set at King Richards School which I am working on getting) and set up a mini indoor skate park in a town centre. Parents would leave their children at the store/park for a given amount of time and they would be taught to skate. This is something that we would charge for.

I would like to set this up as a social enterprise meaning that all money raised would go back to Southsea skatepark for them to use as they see fit

There is a fundraising meeting at the park next weekend which I am thinking of attending and putting forward my idea. All I would need from the park would be the ramps, any banners that they have which we could use to make the store look more like a skate park and maybe some volunteers for a day or two to teach the skateboarding/rollerblading side of things.

The whole management of the store (set up, marketing etc.) would be managed by my students.

Please do let me know your thoughts – if you think it’s a good idea then ill pitch it at the park

Thanks for taking the time to read this


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