February Halfterm Opening Hours!


Posted on : 12-Feb-2014 | By : Effraim | In : Changes, Publicity

It has been an awful winter to far here in Southsea! Hopefully next week is kind to us for February halfterm, please check the opening times, as there are a few changes due to the time of year!

Monday – 12-6
Tuesday- 12-6
Wednesday- 12-8
Thursday- 12-6
Friday- 12-8

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Hi There,
Just wondered if you were open tomorrow afternoon ( Friday 14th).
I also wondered if age restrictions apply for children using the skatepark? I have a nearly 4 year old who wanted to come along with his scooter ( obviously I will be making sure he doesn’t go down any big ramps)!
Many Thanks


Hi Fiona,

No age restrictions, unfortunately it is pouring with rain and we do not open when its raining.

When will your coaching sessions restart?

Coaching lessons begin again in April

Hi to all,

I unfortunately missed your meeting but would like to suggest that maybe you could have a small corner fenced off for under 5s as it made me shudder watching little ones riding on their little scooters with teenagers on bikes and scooters, skateboards speeding up and down the ramps. The teenagers should not be expected to keep an eye out for these as they need speed to do the ramps etc. My grandson is 8 years old and just learning and was nearly hit several times. It is nobody’s fault but I do think it would be better if there was an age limit of 6+ for the main part. Also, I would be willing to help improve the cafe area to encourage more parents to bring their children. I could also help with the marketing and fundraising if required. 😉

Hi Guys

I am from south africa and coming to ride the park in feb 2015. As I am not sure of the UK weather does it rain or snow during Feb in Portsmouth?

Hi chris,

February is usually the month it can snow yes, normally not a lot of snow. Rain is always a threat here as outdoor facility. Luck of the draw with that time of year…

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