King of Southsea fast approaching!


Posted on : 04-Aug-2011 | By : Effraim | In : Competitions

King of Southsea schedule
*If events finish early, we will crack on with the next scheduled as soon as possible.

*Schedule is weather dependent.


11am- AM Spine Mini
12pm- AM Vert
1pm- Pro Vert
2-4pm- Flatland Novice/AM/Pro
4.30-5.15pm- Best trick over Box in rink
5.30-6pm- Long Jump
6-Park Closes.


11-1- AM Street
1.30-2 – Pro Spine mini
2.30-4- Pro Street
4.30-5- Highest Bunnyhop
5.15-6- Highest air in Keyhole
Park Closes.

King of Southsea is supported by, Southsea Skatepark Company, Portsmouth City Council, 4-down distribution, Fit Bike Co, A-Bike co, United, S&M, Deluxe BMX, Case BMX Mag, Deep BMX, Function Flatland Store, Purpl Brand, IMG Distribution, Flatware, FfwdBMX, DonaldsBMX store, Emer clothing, The LAB, We are Level, Seventies Distribution, Primo, Federal, Scoop Distribution, DK Bicycles, Zeal BMX, Mankind, Standard Bykes, Alone, Superstar, Metal Bikes, Total BMX, SourceBMX, Profile Racing,

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