Denis Wingham 900 slam KOC 1993!


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Denis Wingham is infamous for trying crazy tricks, here was a 900 attempt at King of Concrete 1993, which is close! Harsh slam! King of Southsea is fast approaching! August 27/28th! Will Denis land the 900?!

dennis wingham slams a 900- koc 1993 from matt dyer on Vimeo.



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Thanks to Dan Netting for sending this in, video details below…

Edit that ive been making since xmas time last year. First proper edit edited on vegas movie studio.Filmed in and around Portsmouth. Most of these clips do not do most of the skaters justice so check them ouut!
Coastin’- Zion I ft K.Flay
There Lie the Boots- Zoo In The Sky
lens-Opteka hd2 and Pandabase 0.3X baby death

Sam Tuffnell sets off speed camera on Rollerblades!


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If you know of ex Southsea resident Sam Tuffnell (currently living in Brighton) he is mad! This latest clip he filmed, has got the attention of the national press, coverage in the Daily Telegraph, the Sun, and no doubt many more. Good fun!

Alex Coleborn-shootin’ it!


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Alex Coleborn, Jersey/Southsea transplant increased his international rep, with one of the best edits of 2010, Alex is currently Stateside in Greenville, North Carolina with the Monster Energy crew. Be interesting to see what he comes back with. For now, if you haven’t seen this edit before, wow! Go check it out!

Old school Scooter action!


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Scooters are all the rage at the moment! Just came across this great old school shot from RAD magazine of Southsea legend, Carl Westfield! Check them knee pads!

New Blood


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These two kids have a bright future if they keep it rolling how they are currently (there will be more of these posts throughout the year).

Declan Brooks getting papped for The News article on the re-opening of Southsea Skatepark.

If you follow us on twitter (@parksouthsea) you will have seen Ollie Webb do a sick tweet video for us a couple of weeks back, here is again, backside 180 Ollie Blunt first try.

Photos by Effraim.

Sam Tuffnell- Love Those Boots edit


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Great edit from local film-maker James Sharp from a few years back…

Ben Lennon + James Lindsay Rollerblade edit


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A video of Ben Lennon and James Lindsay rollerblading recently at the park.